Frank Warner

As a co-founder and the CEO of MSI Utilities, Frank Warner consults with commercial energy consumers, handles company licensing/regulatory matters in deregulated utility markets throughout the country and helps develop company strategy. In addition to other roles (depending on the circumstances), e also takes the lead on tracking industry developments ie: industry publications, webinars, conferences, etc.

How did you get started in the energy industry?
I spent a few years as a stockbroker in my early career.  While I enjoyed it, I was looking for a bigger challenge.  Having learned of natural gas deregulation in several states at the time, we started MSI in 1995 to provide consulting services for commercial natural gas users in these deregulated markets.  Over the years we have tried to continually evolve and grow along with the industry.

How long have you been a TEPA member?
MSI has been a proud TEPA member since June of 2018.

Professional/personal bucket list item:
I’d love to travel through all 50 states with my family.  I’m not sure the exact count at this point, but we’ve been working on it for about 21 years and are getting close!

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you!
Sometimes I take work a little too seriously.  Most people can leave work at work once they wrap up for the night. But my brain is always thinking about how to improve or solve a problem.  Sometimes, I come up with my best ideas when falling asleep at night.

Favorite or most memorable part of your career:
There have been several memorable moments, but I would say being able to experience MSI’s 25 year anniversary in the energy business this year gets the honor.

Best advice for someone new to our industry:
Work hard, be consistent, do the right thing and never quit.  Success in this business requires perseverance.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Pick one meal for the rest of your life:
Probably either pizza or lasagna.

The professional/personal value of your TEPA membership:
always find the content of TEPA conferences and webinars informative and relevant to today’s energy industry.  In addition, I’ve developed several good industry relationships through my TEPA association over the last couple years.  I would recommend becoming a TEPA member and attending the functions to anyone looking to further themselves in the industry.