Jim Hooven

Jim Hooven is a Senior Account Executive at SJI Energy Advisors. His role is to partner with commercial businesses and help them better manage energy consumption and overall cost. SJI Industries places great emphasis on learning about its customers, specifically what is most important to them. Their recommendations are based on energy industry knowledge that fits into the needs of the business.

How did you get started in the energy industry?
I spent 15 years working for startup tech companies both B2C and B2B. This experience provided the opportunity to work with many well-known brands and high-level executives. It was during this time that I began to understand the true value of customer service and how customers need and want to be treated.

When the opportunity was presented to join a publicly traded energy company my mind began racing. There was an opportunity to bring the startup innovation and entrepreneurial mentality to a large organization. I feel very strongly about energy conservation and believe this industry will see amazing innovation over the next 10-20 years. I’m just thrilled I get to play a small role in that evolution.

How long have you been a TEPA member?
SJI Energy Advisors has been a member since April 2020.

Professional/personal bucket list item:
Being a kid at heart I want to visit the top 10 water parks in the country, maybe even on the same road trip. I’m completely open to expanding this to other countries as well.

Professionally, I’d like to become a mentor and leader in the industry. What is to gain if you hold in all the knowledge you obtained through your experiences? It’s important to pass on what you have learned to help guide those behind you.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you!
I’ve been married for 12 years and have 3 amazing children, 2 girls and a boy. Love being a #girldad! My sports fandom resides solely with all Philadelphia teams, as challenging as it is at times! I absolutely love coaching my kids sports teams. I still play baseball in an adult league, which makes me believe I’m younger than I am!

Favorite or most memorable part of your career:
There’s not one single moment. I get to work with businesses from different industries and people from different backgrounds. That’s pretty cool and easily my favorite part of what we do.

Best advice for someone new to our industry:
Be honest, respectful, and committed to driving innovation and change to the industry. Hustle – it’s great that there is competition, let it drive you to work harder.

Pick one meal for the rest of your life:
Stuffed Flounder with a side of steamed vegetables.

The professional/personal value of your TEPA membership:
We are new to TEPA and joined because it’s important for the industry to collaborate and innovate. There’s a responsibility for each of us to play a role in knowledge-sharing that ultimately will improve the quality and service provided to our customers. TEPA provides the platform for the industry to move forward in a positive direction. In an industry that has and will continue to experience innovation, it’s important that an organization such as TEPA is available to support its members.