Please support the YES ON 3 campaign for a competitive energy market in Nevada

Dear TEPA members,

On Tuesday, November 6th, residents of Nevada will vote on a critical amendment that would end the state’s monopoly on electricity and open the door to a competitive energy market. A great deal of time, money and resources have already been donated to the YES ON 3 Energy Choice Initiative (

However, this is not just a critical turning point for Nevada. Other states are considering the adoption of a competitive energy market, and will look to Nevada’s election results to decide if they will bring the vote to their residents.

As TEPA members, you understand the tremendous advantages of being a part of a competitive energy market. Choice drives down consumers’ energy costs by empowering them to shop for the best energy deal among a host of numerous providers. It also fosters innovation, from smart meter technology to loyalty programs and incentives, and cultivates greater competition.

You can support Nevada’s YES ON 3 Energy Choice Initiative in the following ways:

Passing along the YES ON 3 brochure included with this email
We encourage you to click on “Download PDF” below and share this electronic brochure with colleagues, friends and family you know in Nevada who will vote on this important initiative on November 6th.

Submitting OpEds to Nevada news outlets highlighting the advantages of retail energy markets
As energy professionals, writing letters to editors in support of the YES ON 3 Energy Initiative can be extremely effective in helping voters understand the benefits of retail energy markets.  Below is a list of key media outlets where you can email your letters supporting YES ON 3:

Las Vegas Review-Journal – OpEds
John Kerr, Editorial Writer |

Las Vegas Review-Journal – Letters to the editor

Las Vegas Sun – OpEds
Ric Anderson, Managing Editor |

Las Vegas Sun – Letters to the Editor

Reno-Gazette Journal – OpEds

Reno-Gazette Journal – Letters to the Editor

As with any election, your vote and your voice can make a difference. Please consider these options, as well as other effective ways you can help support the YES ON 3 Energy Initiative. This can help the people of Nevada enjoy the advantages that come from choice.

Best regards,
David C. Wiers
President, TEPA Midwest Chapter