PositivEnergy: TEPA Tech Committee Spotlight

During a recent TEPA Tech Committee meeting, which includes a mix of Suppliers, Brokers and Vendors, our members reviewed the technology and platform provided by https://positivenergy.us

PositivEnergy is the first of its kind energy storage system designer, engineer and integrator. Unlike other companies that sell one-size-fits-all systems, we deliver the exact energy storage (ESS) that you need, culminating in a system that outperforms, outlasts, is safer, and more environmentally friendly than any other in the industry.

Thirty years of battery experience has given us the time to validate every system component to the highest standards. That’s why we can provide the most comprehensive warranty and service plan, while maintaining the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

We believe battery storage is the single most impactful energy investment you can make today. It’s the lynchpin connecting renewables to real-world self-sufficiency and under-electrified communities to the rest of the world. We started this business to make a difference – to end energy poverty once and for all. When you work with PositivEnergy, you contribute to that cause, not just through your deployment but also by supporting a company on a mission.

How does this technology seek to benefit end-use customers?
Battery storage is like the Swiss army knife of energy technology. There are multiple ways it can be used to drive bill savings (peak shaving, arbitrage, solar self-consumption) or to drive revenue (Demand Response, Frequency Regulation.) Being tech agnostic, PositivEnergy integrates the right combination of components for a project’s specific needs, culminating in a system that maximizes energy efficiencies and revenues to ensure successful projects. Although energy storage is a very complex solution, our goal is to make it easy to understand, easy to buy, and easy to use.

How does this technology help retail brokerage firms or retail suppliers serve customers?
Battery storage is one of the most compelling new technology in energy management and renewables. Given the complexity of the solutions and the reliance on data to model the economics, brokers are extremely well positioned to guide their clients and simplify the value propositions for them. Because energy storage has the potential to save up to 40% on a commercial electricity bill, this technology is a natural fit for the service offerings that brokers and consultants look for bring to their customers.

What were the key takeaways from the conversations with the Tech Committee?

Key takeaways include:

  1. Location, location, location. This is the largest determining factor for its success. It determines the wholesale market revenues, bill savings, and state incentives available for the project. The three best areas for energy storage are New York City Metro Area, Southern California, and Eastern Massachusetts.
  2. Data is essential to the design and engineering process. We look for at least 1 year of 15-minute interval data in order to accurately design and model a solution to predict the return on investment. Collecting this information is one of the biggest points of friction that brokers can help solve.

Value stacking is hard. This is when you design and engineer a battery to perform multiple use-cases and requires very sophisticated performance modeling to size the system correctly. It is a multi-variant optimization challenge where we balance the savings / revenue against predicted lifetime of the system. To take the worry out of the equation for customers, we stand behind our system’s performance for the life of the project with PositivCareTM the most comprehensive coverage plan in the industry.

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