Rodan Energy Solutions: TEPA Tech Committee Spotlight

During a recent meeting, the TEPA Tech Committee, which includes a mix of Suppliers, Brokers and Vendors, reviewed the technology and platform provided by

Rodan Energy Solutions is a leading North American provider of Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solutions including energy intelligence and management information systems, distributed energy resource asset optimization & monetization solutions and demand response solutions. We deliver valuable solutions to large commercial and industrial energy users as well as power distribution and generation companies throughout North America.

Our expertise ensures that our customers will minimize their energy costs, maximize process efficiencies, enhance power system reliability, and help develop a sustainable energy future. With over 20 years of experience, we meticulously optimize your assets and help in monetizing those assets to ensure maximum value-stacking benefit.

Our experience in demand response and DER asset optimization is what truly sets us apart.  In being able to deliver targeted power systems analysis and DER identification and optimization, we provide a trusted source of engineering-procurement-construction expertise, and then further work to monetize those assets through stacked ISO and utility demand response programs. Our experts guide you through the entire process and ensure all permitting, personnel, enrollment and LCOE processing meets your expectations.

Our core competencies include:

  • Robust experience in developing, implementing, and operating Demand Side Management programs and their related technologies (Demand Response, arbitrage, wholesale market participation, etc.)
  • Extensive metering, data management, and M&V experience
  • A robust NOC based in Toronto, Canada currently controls businesses by operating the leading C&I DSM platforms, allowing utilities and ISOs to have all DSM resources under one button with feeder-level dispatch capability.
  • Equipment and software acquisition and operation
  • Settlement and shadow billing
  • Secure IT infrastructure and support
  • Proven overall project management
  • Excellent ongoing customer care

How does this technology seek to benefit end-use customers?
Quite simply, our demand response, asset optimization and energy-as-a-service tools will ensure that our customers will minimize their energy costs, maximize process efficiencies, enhance power system reliability, and generate recurring savings streams that directly impact their bottom line, and help develop a sustainable energy future.

How does this technology help retail brokerage firms or retail suppliers serve customers?
Our technology will help brokerage firms and suppliers provide a more enhanced, value-added service by increasing the energy intelligence of their clients while providing for recurring energy savings streams.  Furthermore, their customers will see this added service as an indicator of greater interest in their well-being and financial future and will therefore see greater customer satisfaction.  The energy brokerage market is not especially exciting.  By identifying to the customers how and where they can save money, reduce energy peaks ad utilize renewable DERs, the brokers will further elevate themselves up the value-add food chain and make it harder for their customers to move to a competitive brokerage.

What were the key takeaways from the conversations with the Tech Committee?

Key takeaways include:

  • The need for education & support for broker’s clients when it comes to various demand response and DER asset optimization programs that are available
  • An easy-to-use demand response program tool will simplify identification of target customers and savings streams and therefore increase acquisition of customers
  • The Tech committee seems to be very collaborative in nature

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