Shana Page

In addition to managing a variety of national brokers within the PJM and ERCOT markets as the Manager of Sales, Shana Page also oversees the Freepoint Energy Solutions sales support team.

How did you get started in the energy industry?
After college I moved to Baltimore and started my energy career with Constellation.  A few years later, there was an opportunity for me to move to Houston where I could expand my energy focus and I have never looked back. Oh, what an incredible journey it has been! 

How long have you been a TEPA member?
7 years

Professional/personal bucket list item:
I would love to see the South Carolina energy markets deregulate so I can get a second home in Charleston!

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you!
I played varsity lacrosse throughout high school in Rochester, New York.

Favorite or most memorable part of your career:
Being part of the TEPA Events Committee for 6 years now! I love working with Shannon to plan and coordinate events all over the country for such a great group of industry professionals.  I am looking forward to being able to do that again soon!

Pick one meal for the rest of your life:
I’m a kid at heart, so the ideal meal for me would be chicken nuggets with Mac & Cheese!

Best advice for someone new to our industry:
This is an ever-changing industry and things never remain static. The relationships you build and foster and the drive to always move forward will define your success.

The professional/personal value of your TEPA membership:
Developing relationships through TEPA has been so rewarding.  Being able to attend conferences and engage with all the members is energetic, fun and something we all have come to look forward to. I’ve learned so much throughout my career from the professional relationships I have made through TEPA and I feel like I belong to a large family!