TEPA Announced New National Board During Annual Conference

HOUSTON – Oct 25, 2016 –The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA), announced Andrew Barth, Exec. Vice President at Incite Energy, has been appointed as the National Board President and Huston Able, Exec. Vice President and Partner at Choice Energy Services, as the National Vice President of the Association. The announcement was made during the 11th Annual TEPA Conference, which was held


NEW YORK CITY– Aug. 4, 2016 – The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) recently announced changes to their Northeast Board, including the appointment of Jeff Lenetsky, Sales Director at EnerNOC, as the incoming president of TEPA’s Northeast Board. The announcement was made during the 2nd Annual Northeast TEPA Conference, which was held in July in New York City at 3 West

TEPA Commissions Comprehensive ABC Study, Announces Member Growth

HOUSTON – August 2, 2016 – The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA), recently commissioned Energy Research Consulting Group (ERCG) to conduct an Energy Aggregator-Broker-Consultant (ABC) Retail Market study, in an effort to better understand the competitive retail market, as well as help define standards of service within the ABC community. The study, which was released earlier this year, estimated that nearly

Electric Light & Power Article Features TEPA ABC Report

Deregulation of electricity markets created a whole new relationship between customers and power suppliers. So a matchmaking industry was born to help connect those two ends of the competitive grid. The matchmaker is known as the ABC—for Aggregator, Broker and Consultant—of the deregulated markets in nearly two dozen states. And that relatively new sector has grown to broker more than