Texas Oil Boom

In the early 1900’s, the Texas Oil Boom was officially underway. And within just a few short years of “Spindletop,” Texas quickly became one of the leading oil producing states in the U.S., along with

Electricity Deregulation

Since that time, Texas has helped advance the energy market in many different ways; among them electricity deregulation. In 1996 Texas was the first state to operate the nation’s first electric utility industry ISO (ERCOT)

The Electricity Professionals Association

Among those closely watching electricity deregulation unfold in Texas was a handful of energy professionals including David Weirs, Brian Markum, Paul Ward, Paul Smolen, JD Dodson, Scott Heath, St. Clair Newbern IV and Mark Goodson.

Membership Fuels a Name Change

In January 2012, to better accommodate the growing membership and needs of the Association, TEPA officially changed its name from Texas Electricity Professionals Association to The Energy Professionals Association. Paul Ward, who was serving as

TEPA Becomes a National Association

In August 2013, Michael Harris, TEPA president and David Roylance, TEPA vice president, helped organize a roundtable in New York City to discuss the creation of the first TEPA chapter outside Texas. The roundtable was