Join us for our 2-day TEPA NE Virtual Conference. During our 4 sessions, you’ll hear top experts discuss the latest news, policies and technology that impact your customers, and business.

Join us the last Wednesday of every month for The Morning Plug with Shannon McGriff and Young Kim, a live news show highlighting the top energy stories that made recent headlines.

Interested in becoming a TEPA member? Join us each month for an informational session when we’ll answer your questions, discuss our membership structure and explain the value you’ll get as TEPA member.



Let’s Talk Texas
February 24th at 11AM, 1:30PM and 2:45PM Central | Zoom Webinars

Join us for three virtual sessions with St. Clair Newbern, Andrew Barth, Sean Kelly, Evan Caron, Caitlin Smith and Joshua Rhodes to discuss what happened in ERCOT during the recent weather event, and where we go from here.


Energy Success Hour presented by Onsite Utility Services
January 13 at 2PM Central | Zoom Webinar

Join us for this one-time-only intense workshop – exclusively for energy professionals – that shows how to quickly and easily expand your sales, revenues and profits through Onsite Utility Services’ Energy Savings as a Service funding platform. Watch the video to learn more!


3-Part Webinar Series with Kathy Kiernan presented by Power Women of TEPA
January 7 at 10AM Central | Zoom Webinar

In the last of our three-part webinar series, Kathy Kiernan will help us understand our concerns, emotions, and potential around money. Through exercises and personal examples, participants will set an achievable goal and begin to positively change their relationship with money. 


Virtual Magic Show with Ben Jackson
December 9 at 6PM Central | Zoom Webinar

Join us for an evening filled with holiday magic-TEPA Style! TEPA has teamed up with ENGIE to bring you a fun, interactive holiday MAGIC EXPERIENCE your whole family will enjoy! Our FREE virtual magic show with Ben Jackson will be one of your favorite memories of the season! Bring the family! Invite your co-workers and clients! The more the merrier!


3-Part Webinar Series with Kathy Kiernan presented by Power Women of TEPA
December 3 at 10AM Central | Zoom Webinar

During our second interactive webinar on Thursday, December 3rd, Kathy Kiernan will guide you through exercises to determine where you’re heading in your career. You’ll also begin to set new goals, focus on what’s important (versus urgent) in your life, and gain insights on how to create a satisfying and fulfilling career. 


TEPA Summit, Annual Conference
Oct. 27 | Oct. 29 | Nov. 5 | Nov. 11 | Zoom Webinar

During this year’s TEPA Summit you’ll connect with hundreds of energy professionals and gain insights into a range of topics that matter most to you – and your clients. It will be the one energy conference of the year where you can hear the latest trends in retail energy, and discover how to refine your business strategies and implement innovative solutions to power you through these unprecedented times.


Clean Air as a Service presented by Onsite Utility Services
October 7 at 2PM Central | Zoom Webinar

To thrive in today’s new COVID-19 reality, energy brokers must shift their solution offerings to provide their clients with ways to provide safe, healthy indoor environments for their buildings, facilities, schools and institutions. In this webinar, Onsite Utility Services will show you how you can deliver a practical and profitable solution to your clients that offers them clean, safe and healthy indoor air, without any investment or debt.

3-Part Webinar Series with Kathy Kiernan presented by Power Women of TEPA
October 1 at 10AM Central | Zoom Webinar

During our first interactive webinar on Thursday, October 1st, Kathy Kiernan will guide us through exercises that shed light on what makes difficult conversations uncomfortable. Utilizing real life examples, participants will explore tools that help them prepare for and practice their delivery, resulting in more effective and successful conversations.


Market Update with Stephen Schork
September 17 at 10AM Central | Zoom Webinar

Stephen Schork is a highly acclaimed speaker, widely recognized for his ability to integrate a vast array of compelling information into a dynamic and succinct market view. His presentations include an overview of the key issues affecting energy industry professionals, together with a contextual basis in which to view market action. This webinar is presented by ENGIE.


Meet & Greet with Rodan Energy
September 1 at 10AM Central | Zoom Webinar

Our Meet & Greet webinar with one of our newest members, Rodan Energy, will help you understand more about energy intelligence and how can it save you more money than traditional demand response; how demand response and peak load management can be enhanced through greater energy intelligence; how to identify, optimize and monetize renewable distributed resources; and the pro’s and con’s of selecting the right energy advisor.


Self-Advocacy: Gaining Visibility at Work presented by Power Women of TEPA
August 19 at 2PM Central | Zoom Webinar

Join us in welcoming Emilie Aries, an internationally recognized speaker, author, and the Founder and CEO of Bossed Up, an award-winning personal and professional development organization, for a workshop on Self-Advocacy.


Powerful Solutions: 3rd Annual TEPA Illinois Conference
Tuesday July 21 & Thursday, July 23 at 10AM and 2PM Central | Zoom

Join TEPA and the industry’s foremost thought-leaders and innovators as we discuss the latest trends, techniques, and technologies for the retail energy marketplace.


Energy Market Outlook presented by Talen Energy
July 16 at 12PM Eastern | Zoom

Join Talen Energy and The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA), as Talen’s Head of Retail Energy, Tom Gros, explores how demand destruction has impacted the energy market and what the future may hold for various industries in the C&I space.


Meet & Greet with Smartest Energy
Wednesday, June 24 at 1PM Central | Zoom 

Join TEPA and SmartestEnergy for a virtual meet and greet! Take this opportunity to learn about SmartestEnergy: Expanding across the pond from the UK; Details about their strong and stable financial backing from their parent company; Where they are now; Their plans for the future!


Capacity & Transmission: To Lock, or Not to Lock – That is the Question!
Wednesday, June 17 at 2PM Central | Zoom

The energy broker community is invited to join ENGIE’s Michelle Robichaux and Kevin Shannon for a free informative webinar on Capacity & Transmission, also known as demand-based-charges.  During this educational webinar ENGIE will answer the basics, such as: What is capacity? What are the risks associated with demand-based charges? What are the differences between an All-In Fixed Price and a Capacity Pass-Through product?


Power Pivot: 6th Annual TEPA Northeast Conference
June 8 – 11 at 11AM and 3PM Eastern | Zoom

Join TEPA and the industry’s foremost thought-leaders and innovators as we discuss the latest trends, techniques, and technologies for the retail energy marketplace.


Navigating Energy Planning in a COVID-19 Economy: ERCOT presented by NRG
Thursday, May 28 at 1PM Central | Zoom

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly brought change and volatility. With summer approaching, it’s essential to understand the value of risk-planning and forward-thinking when it comes to your energy plan.


What’s the Path Forward for U.S. Energy Markets presented by Constellation
Wednesday, May 6 at 11AM Central | Zoom

Keith Poli and Brian Habacivch with Constellation’s Commodities Management Group will discuss the oil market collapse and the implications it will have going forward.


Crushed by Corona
Tuesday, April 28 at 11AM Central | Zoom

Matt Smith with ClipperData presents the latest data on oil, natural gas and energy demand during tomorrow’s webinar.


April TEPA Member Meeting sponsored by Direct Energy
Wednesday, April 22 at 2PM Central | Zoom

Bill Magness: President and CEO, ERCOT will present an update on what’s ahead in ERCOT, as well as answer questions from our TEPA members. 

Jim Connolly: Vice President of Sales, Direct Energy will discuss “Challenges Facing the Energy Industry and How to Manage Them”

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Smart Meter Texas
Wednesday, April 15 at 11AM Central | Zoom 

Join TEPA and Smart Meter Texas to learn how you can use SMT features to support your business.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the TEPA Community presented by ERCG
Friday, April 3 at 11AM Central | Zoom

Join TEPA and Young Kim to learn what we discovered from our recent TEPA member survey about the impact you feel that COVID-19 will have on your businesses and the retail energy market

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Illinois’ Energy Sector
Friday, March 27 at 1PM Central | Zoom

Join Jim Zolnerick, Bureau Chief with the Public Utilities Bureau at Illinois Commerce Commission and Tanya Capellan, Acting Director, Office of Retail Market Development (ORMD) for an update on COVID-19 and how Illinois’ response to it has impacted the state’s retail energy sector including the impact to the ABC community.