THG Energy Solutions: TEPA Tech Committee Spotlight

During the December monthly meeting, the TEPA Tech Committee, which includes a mix of Suppliers, Brokers and Vendors, reviewed the technology and platform provided by THG Energy Solutions.

THG Energy Solutions provides value-added energy & utility management solutions for C&I customers, portfolios, and industry partners. THG’s offerings enhance energy and demand side management efforts for end-users, while creating value for our industry partners through privately labeled solutions.

Energy Intelligence: THG’s “Energy Intelligence Suite” (EIS) is a SaaS-platform dedicated to the turn-key collection, validation, and organization of customer utility invoice and energy data. Centralized and standardized data is made available through a suite of reports that inform accounting & administration, benchmarking, energy efficiency & sustainability, budgeting, load profile analysis, emissions tracking, and more. Customized account hierarchies and facility groupings give users the ability to easily group and filter information across their accounts to make informed decisions about their energy and utility management efforts.

Demand Response and Load Management: THG provides a suite of hardware, software, and services to enable and streamline demand side management efforts for C&I customers. Depending on customer footprint and operations, the value proposition around load flexibility can be very dynamic. THG’s Automated Demand Response (ADR) solution seeks to maximize the value of demand-side flexibility through both savings and revenues.

How does this technology seek to benefit end-use customers?
Invoice data provides a critical foundation that can support nearly all energy decisions. Multi-site customers face challenges in centralizing and standardizing this information. THG’s EIS does the legwork in collecting, validating, and standardizing invoice and energy data to provide stakeholders with accurate and objective information from which they can evaluate usage & cost, and make informed decisions around their efforts. THG’s EIS serves as the backbone to inform how to prioritize these initiatives as opportunities for customer investments in energy efficiency, sustainability, and renewables grow.

THG’s role on the demand side is to maximize the value proposition for the end-user by providing practical automation and services, while maintaining a flexible and cost-effective pricing structure for implementation and ongoing support.

We recognize that an increasing majority of annual electricity costs can be attributed to small percentage of hours out of the year. While traditional demand response programs can generate substantial revenues, program structures and requirements are often rigid and might not align with customer opportunity costs. This is why THG takes the time to evaluate strategies that start at the asset-level, aligning flexibility with both savings and revenue opportunities.

How does this technology help retail brokerage firms or retail suppliers serve customers?
By partnering with THG, ABC’s/REP’s can easily expand their service offerings to their customers without having to allocate overhead for solution development and full-time support staff. THG’s offerings are both scalable and “sticky”, providing our partners with proactive solutions that support customer retention as well as the recruitment of new relationships. THG strategically avoids providing competitive offerings around procurement and consulting to be a pure-play technology partner for a wide range of participants in the industry.

What were the key takeaways from the conversations with the Tech Committee?

  1. Alignment: THG’s goal is to provide and maintain solutions that create value for end-use customers. THG does this through technology and services, and the offerings are even more impactful for customers when they are combined with insights and capabilities of their providers (ABC’s and REP’s alike).
  2. Energy Evolution: End-users have more investment opportunities related to energy than ever before. Whether it’s efficiency or behavioral initiatives, or investments in distributed energy and renewables, THG’s offerings assist stakeholders in navigating through these initiatives. Additionally, providing these offerings means you can earn a seat at the table as these decisions are made, which ultimately strengthens customer relationships.

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