Established in 2005, The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) is a not-for-profit organization of professionals dedicated to advancing competitive energy markets across the country. TEPA is a membership-based association that provides professional development, advocacy, certification program, and access to a network of respected industry leaders.

Our association operates as a self- governing organization to ensure that market participants conduct themselves in a professional manner, have access to accurate information and opportunities to collaborate with other industry professionals. We strive to provide our members with suggested best practices for transacting in the marketplace all while working with the best interest of the end user in mind.

Our membership is defined at the company level. At present, we have more than 150 member organizations, which represent over 10,000 energy professionals who are TEPA members. Our Aggregators, Brokers and/or Consultant members offer energy procurement and related services for a wide range of end users. Retail Energy Providers make up our Associate membership base, while organizations that offer products, technology or services that support the competitive energy industry are Affiliate members.

Our members have experience working in every competitive market and specialize in procurement, structuring, pricing, demand response programs, risk management, renewable energy, advancements in energy technologies, etc. and more.  All our TEPA applicants undergo a substantial application process and upon acceptance commits to abiding by the TEPA Code of Conduct, maintaining an acceptable level of market knowledge, and upholding the integrity of competitive markets. Our members represent approximately 82% of brokered power transactions in the United States.

Working with a TEPA member ensures that end users are working with a company dedicated to providing quality service. TEPA members who have achieved our Energy Management Professional (EMP) designation have demonstrated acumen with regards to energy markets, procurement strategies and best practices.