Over the last decade, TEPA has expanded beyond Texas’s borders and more than doubled our membership. As our membership has grown across the country, so too has the need to provide a standard certification exam that reflects our national footprint. The Energy Management Professional (EMP) certification has been updated with input from our Education Chair and national member base. TEPA members who are EMP certified have demonstrated they understand the core principles of competitive energy markets including pricing, natural gas, renewables and Demand Response.

An EMP Certification is important because it demonstrates that our TEPA members:

  • Have a basic understanding of the national retail energy market
  • Possess a knowledge of various client-facing opportunities such as Demand Response, Peak Shaving, Managed Products, and Renewables
  • Can transact fairly within the market
  • Adhere to higher professional standards
  • Are dedicated to maintaining quality in their work on a regular basis
  • Grow their knowledge through regular attendance at industry-related training events and education programs