Over the last decade, TEPA has expanded beyond Texas’s borders and nearly doubled our membership. As our membership has grown across the country, so too has the need to provide a standard certification exam that reflects our national footprint.

The Certified Energy Professional (CEP) exam was originally adopted by our founding members in Texas. It was revolutionary because it served as one of the industry’s first certifications showing that those who passed understood the fundamental components of transacting in the retail energy marketplace. It set a new standard for our industry.

Our new Energy Management Professional (EMP) certification has been updated with input from our national members. It better reflects our members who are doing business in multiple markets, as well as those providing a broad range of offerings, such as natural gas and renewable, along with additional services such as Demand Response and lighting retrofits.

There are numerous benefits of being a certified TEPA EMP not only for you, but also the clients you serve.

A TEPA EMP is important to you and your clients because it demonstrates that you:

  • Have a basic understanding of the national retail energy market
  • Possess a knowledge of various client-facing opportunities such as Demand Response
  • Grow your knowledge through CEU events, training and education programs
  • Can transact fairly within the market
  • Adhere to higher professional standards
  • Are dedicated to maintaining quality in your work on a regular basis
  • Grow your knowledge through regular attendance at industry-related training events and education programs

To learn more about the exam visit our FAQ link. You can also view our list of TEPA members who have earned their EMP certification here.