Texas Broker Registration Summary Document

The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) recently announced the launch of an education and outreach effort in support of the new rules adopted by the Public Utility Commission of Texas to fully implement broker registration requirements.

The rules become effective May 24, 2020, and provide customer service oversight of energy brokers and consultants registered with the Commission. In addition, the rules restrict retail electric providers from conducting business with unregistered brokers. The new rules establish clear protections for customers using brokerage services and provide access to the Commission’s informal complaint process to resolve service issues.  The rules also offer specific marketing guidelines and disclosure requirements for brokers and consultants operating in competitive areas.

As a value to market participants, TEPA has crafted a summary document that highlights the key provisions of the broker rules. In addition to the summary document, TEPA will be providing our membership with additional suggestions on how to comply with the new disclosure requirements and marketing guidelines also set forth within the rules. In the coming weeks and months ahead, we’ll continue our education and outreach efforts within our membership to ensure compliance with the new requirements and to be a resource on issues that affect the retail energy market.

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This summary is only intended to provide general information on key provisions of the new broker rules and is not intended to be legal advice. Individual circumstances can vary widely, and the rules discussed in the summary may change.  As a result, TEPA cannot and does not make any warranties, express or implied, about this summary or the laws and rules described herein.  TEPA encourages brokers and anyone reading this summary to consult their own legal counsel and carefully research and consider all applicable laws and regulations when evaluating broker registration requirements and other compliance issues.

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Ver. 5.22.2020