Unified Energy Announces Exclusive Agreement with MEO Continuity to Safeguard Clients Against Risk, Uncertainty

HOUSTON – March 26, 2024Unified Energy entered into an agreement with technology and consulting provider, MEO Continuity, to support and simplify their clients’ resiliency efforts against business disruptions. The agreement, which was completed on March 25, 2024, makes Unified Energy the exclusive full-service energy and utility consulting and procurement company to offer MEO Continuity’s technology and services, providing them the ability to deliver risk management solutions through financial exposure quantification and business continuity planning (BCP). By leveraging MEO Continuity, Unified clients can expect to be better prepared to protect enterprise value in the face of inevitable business interruptions, while sending a clear message of resilience to all stakeholders.

“The pandemic uncovered supply chain issues that sent economic ripples across the retail energy market,” said Michael Harris, CEO of Unified Energy. “These disruptions thrust our clients into uncertain market conditions not only beyond their control, but with little to no definition of the financial impact of these events. It also shed light on the fact that most businesses are inadequately prepared to take on such a high level of market disruption. As an energy consultancy, it became clear that we needed to help protect our clients’ risk exposure. We found MEO Continuity to be the leader in this field and their digital solution was a natural extension of our One Sourcing commodity management program.”

Through its agreement with MEO Continuity, Unified Energy clients that opt in to the program will undergo comprehensive dependency mapping and mitigation calculations to quantify their risks at every level along the supply chain. The company’s financial exposure to major disruptions will be identified, calculated and addressed strategically through detailed Business Continuity Plans. Clients can access, monitor, and manage their plans using MEO Continuity’s comprehensive dashboards, which are accessible through Unified Energy’s online client portal.

“There are a lot of disruptions happening around the world today that can impact a company’s profitability,” said Maximilian Glodde, Founding Partner and CEO at MEO Continuity. “This is especially true for energy markets. Between politics, cyber-attacks and unpredictable weather, there are a lot of external factors impacting the competitive energy space. We look forward to working with Unified Energy to help their clients identify critical exposures and create a real-time BCP that will make their businesses more resilient in tough times, regardless of their size.”

Unified Energy provides energy procurement and waste management solutions to clients across North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia. Company leadership believes that MEO Continuity’s technology solution can hedge a client against unforeseen disruptions, while utilizing the Unified Data Management system to create a dashboard for commodities, renewable retirement and all things supply chain driven.

“Economics, politics and weather have unforeseen and lasting impacts on the retail energy community,” said Harris. “It was apparent during the pandemic, and we experienced it again in Texas in 2021 with Winter Storm Uri. There’s also a growing demand for renewable energy, which faces the stress of reliability and intermittency. All these factors can stack up quickly and impact a client’s profitability. We’re confident with MEO Continuity we can provide a solution that mitigates our clients risks and enable them to remain profitable despite these external factors.”

About Unified Energy
Based in Houston, Texas, Unified Energy was founded in 2008 and is a full-service energy and utility consulting and procurement company.  The company’s experienced advisors work closely with commercial, industrial, and residential clients across the country to reduce their electricity and natural gas costs and mitigate their energy price risk. For more information visit www.UnifiedEnergy.com.

About MEO Continuity
Based in New York, NY, MEO Continuity protects businesses by simplifying exposure quantification and business continuity planning through an easy-to-use digital platform. MEO’s experienced advisors have decades of experience across all industries, helping companies strategically achieve resilience, and implementing digital frameworks to ensure their clients stay protected in the long term. Learn more at www.meocontinuity.com