Choice! Energy Management Rebrands to GETCHOICE! As it Expands its Service Lineup to Telecom, Infrastructure, Renewable Energy and Sustainability Solutions

HOUSTON (February 28, 2022) – Nationwide leader in energy management solutions, Choice! Energy Management, rebrands to GETCHOICE! as it continues to expand its position in the US market by adding telecom, renewable energy and other utility management services.

The announcement comes as GETCHOICE! shifts focus on empowering its clients to gain deeper insights into consumption and usage patterns pricing trends, infrastructure requirements, and sustainability progress. “We are extremely happy to roll out our new brand, together with a new mission. In order for us to promise our clients they will become smarter and greener, we needed to walk the talk. And that is exactly what we have done,” said Kiki Dikmen, CEO of GETCHOICE!. “With our focus on technology and green options, we help our clients save time and money, as well as help them achieve their sustainability goals.”

Through its proprietary technology platform (GET), GETCHOICE! empowers its clients to become smarter and greener by providing data driven energy, telecom and utility management solutions that drive efficiency and sustainability. “GETCHOICE! offers solutions that help automate, manage, account, predict and control cost-efficiency while providing a customized roadmap to improve ESG metrics,” said Tim Osting, CCO of GETCHOICE!. “Deploying our entire team of experts allows us to monitor, negotiate and validate our client’s portfolio, saving them substantial time and money,” he added.

GETCHOICE!’s complete suite of energy, telecom and other utility management solutions includes facility services, infrastructure assessment, PPA/VPPA, procurement, bill pay, enterprise reporting, market intelligence, and regulatory support, among others.

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GETCHOICE! is the nationwide leader in energy, telecom, and utility management solutions. Through our proprietary technology, we empower our clients to automate, manage, account, predict and control utility cost-efficiency and sustainability. Our suite of services enables our clients to gain deeper insight into infrastructure, consumption, usage patterns, pricing trends and sustainability progress. Our business relationships with diverse group of partners puts us in a superior position to monitor, negotiate and validate the services provided. For more information visit